Be Great | The Message

There are 3 Great Endeavors of the Christian Faith. This book will give you the tools needed to launch into your journey and Be Great. Discover your identity, stop comparing yourself to others and learn what God wants for your life.

Be Great | Chapters 1-4

The Fall of Man, Redemption of Christ is covered in chapters 1-4 of Be Great. 

– Be transformed by Him
– Discover your identity
– Move forward in the things He has for you

Be Great | Chapters 5-7

The 3 Great Endeavors are covered in chapters 5-7 of Be Great.

– Love God with all your heart
– Love other people
– Go and make disciples

Be Great | Chapters 8-14

Doing the Endeavors is covered in chapters 8-14 of Be Great.

– Knowing the Great Book
– Going through Great spiritual battles
– Great trials

 Be Great | Overview

Be inspired by the Great Commission and the heart of God. 
Learn about the Great mercy of God the Father. 
Understand the 3 Great endeavors of the Christian faith. 
Share your faith and discover what God has for you.

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Be Great is about the journey of discovering our identity as sons and daughters of the Living God.
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