gardenWeeds have no need whatsoever to be planted or cultivated. They just spring up. They are very tolerant of drought and other inhospitable environments and push their way to the forefront while crowding and choking out the desired plants. They do not need fertilizer and actually do quite well without it. On the other hand, our garden plants, the ones we desire for beauty or food, require a great deal of care or they will flounder and die.

Jesus taught us that all of nature is a textbook for what is happening behind the scenes in the invisible, spiritual realm. In the parable of The Sower, the birds of the air ate the seed and this pictured the reality that there is a host of demonic minions whose objective is to prevent a person from having faith in the Living God by hearing in their heart the Word spoken….. the “birds” (demonic host) ate the “seed” (Word of God).

The weeds in the story of the Sower, are the competing desires and pleasures of life that drain us of our attention and desire to pursue God. The grape vine requires pruning and care if it is to bear good fruit. Jesus again likens this to Himself as the vine and us as the branches (John 15:1-7).  In all of these and many more, the invisible God has revealed the invisible realm through nature.

Jesus said that other birds of the air eat their fill and this is a reflection of the fatherly care and provision by God our Father. We harken back to Romans 1:20 that all the invisible attributes of God are clearly seen through nature.

As a parent, I recognized early that my children are each like a lovely garden but I needed to tend those gardens day and night in order to produce the fruit which I so desired. The formation of character WILL NOT happen in a child unless someone is cultivating, watering , fertilizing and pruning them. The weeds of attitudes and ruined character spring up without any such assistance.

In my own life, I see the daily need to cultivate a grateful attitude; to cultivate hard work; to fertilize faith so that I am not overcome by the difficulties of life. The desire to hold grudges naturally springs up. It needs no help. The opportunity and desire to hide flaws and shortcomings are as numerous as dandelions in a lawn. Without cultivation, pruning, weed killing and fertilization, we are all prone to be lazy, liars, selfish, self-centered, grumblers, spiteful and a whole host of other attitudes and actions of similar nature. These all spring up like weeds and flourish no matter how much water, fertilizer or cultivation is present.

Proverbs 4:23 admonishes us to “watch over our heart with ALL DILIGENCE, because out of the heart flow the springs of life.” In other words, it requires a diligent and vigilant watch to guard from attitudes and desires which lead to death. The waters which flow from your heart are either clean and refreshing or polluted and toxic. The choice is yours….