Join the many around the world who have found the wonder of a new life in Jesus Christ and embark on a path laid out for you.

Life can be difficult and repeated mistakes and failures can breed hopelessness. Discovering that God offers us a second chance is a refreshing thought that gives us the courage to begin afresh. Finding a second chance is about God offering us a helping hand that puts hope in our hearts.
We all have deep desires and dreams in this life. Many times we are inspired to try to attain those dreams, often without success. Discovering God’s power source for our lives is the key to turning our dreams into reality that we long for.
An entirely new world awaits us. One that helps us in this life and grants us the assurance of eternal life after death. Discover the joyous relationship with God as a daughter or son by experiencing a second, spiritual birth.
Born Twice Die Once is the starting line for anyone interested in knowing God and receiving the gift of eternal life. The simple style makes it easy to understand, yet maintains everything one needs to know as they start their spiritual journey of faith. My goal is to put a guide to eternal life into the hands of inquiring people and provide something easily shared with others who have interest.
Born Twice, Die Once has become our tool of choice in leading teenagers to Jesus in our urban ministry called Str8Up. I cannot give enough praise for this book.
Aaron & Jill Wilson
Founders of Str8Up Ministries
A man in my church did a Bible study using this book. Within five weeks, all 5 of these young men had surrendered to Jesus. This book is the perfect tool to use to explain what it means to be Born Again.
Luis Azañero
Pastor at Cultura de Gracias Church

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