Run to Win: Get Started

Run to Win | The Message

How does the average person find their way on their new faith journey? Through this book, those older in the faith can learn to disciple others using a tested process. Help new believers while you grow as a leader. Give people the tools they need so they can run the race and they can win.

Run to Win | Overview

This book was made to help believers lead those new to faith into a deeper relationship with faith. Each chapter helps you on your journey with instruction and questions. Through this process, new believers learn to spend time in the word and be discipled. 

Run to Win | Chapter 1

Running the Race is covered in chapter 1 of Run to Win.
– Learn how to be active in faith
– Get in motion
– Give hope

Run to Win | Chapter 2

Forgiveness is covered in chapter 2 of Run to Win.
– How do you receive forgiveness?
– How do I forgive other people?
– How do I ask for forgiveness?

Run to Win | Chapter 3

Surrender is covered in chapter 3 of Run to Win.
– Surrender your pride
– Surrender your rights
– Surrender your life

Run to Win | Chapter 4

Talking to God is covered in chapter 4 of Run to Win.
– Learn how to talk to God
– Learn to listen to God
– Learn to talk to other people on behalf of God

Run to Win | Chapter 5

Baptism is covered in chapter 5 of Run to Win.
– Where did baptism start?
– What does it mean?
– Why is it necessary?

Run to Win | Chapter 6

Bearing Fruit is covered in chapter 6 of Run to Win.
– How to grow roots
– How to remove weeds (and what they are)
– How to let God prune you

Run to Win | Chapter 7

Stepping Out is covered in chapter 7 of Run to Win.
– Exercise your faith
– Learn to be active
– How to grow

Run to Win | Chapter 8

Starting Small to Finish Big is covered in chapter 8 of Run to Win.
– Start where you are
– Learn how to move toward big dreams
– Build on success

Run to Win | Chapter 9

Telling Your God Stories is covered in chapter 9 of Run to Win.
– How to share with others
– How to get in motion
– How to encourage others

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