Embark on a journey that equips you with the necessary tools, strategy, and wisdom needed to triumph over the common bondages throughout life.
Seven Summits | The Message

There are 7 key areas of life that you either conquer or they conquer you. Control the high points of your life and learn how to make adjustments that shift the trajectory of your journey. Invest in yourself, get the tools you need and find the power to be victorious.

Seven Summits | Intro

Gain greater freedom in your life. See change as you conquer the Seven Summits.

Seven Summits | Overview

Invest in yourself and conquer the Seven Summits of your life.

1) Money 2) Passions 3) Words 4) Relationships 5) God 6) Leadership 7) Health

Seven Summits | Chapter 1

Money is covered in chapter 1 of Seven Summits.
– In debt?
– Overspend?
– Struggle with greed?

Seven Summits | Chapter 2

Passions are covered in chapter 2 of Seven Summits.
– Struggle with anger? Envy? Sex?
– Want less fighting?

Seven Summits | Chapter 3

Words are covered in chapter 3 of Seven Summits.
– Control destructive words
– Communicate love
– Use words to build up

Seven Summits | Chapter 4

Relationships are covered in chapter 4 of Seven Summits.
– Broken relationships?
– Strained relationships?
– Struggle with forgiveness?

Seven Summits | Chapter 5

God is covered in chapter 5 of Seven Summits.
– Discover the power to conquer
– Know Jesus Christ
– Experience joy

Seven Summits | Chapter 6

Leadership is covered in chapter 6 of Seven Summits.
– How to lead yourself
– How to lead others in surrender

Seven Summits | Chapter 7

Health is covered in chapter 7 of Seven Summits.
– How does health hold you back?
– How can you take charge of your health?

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